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Biotherapeutics Company

Our innovation - biological drugs that mimic and enhance the body's natural healing

We are developing a novel class of biological drugs that trick the body to heal itself. Our drugs mimic and even enhance the body's own mechanisms, for a faster and safer natural healing. Our drugs do not fight disease. Instead, they instruct the body to fight disease and heal naturally. We use yeast, like those in bread, as messengers to instruct the gut immune system to fight disease or to prevent disease. The message is delivered at such a high level that the body uses its own natural safety checks to ensure that it heals itself safely. This innovative, natural-healing, technology is called Direct Antigen Presentation via Yeast for Treating and Preventing Disease (DAPYTAP). DAPYTAP is changing how we prevent and treat diseases for the better. A healthy body fights disease naturally, everyday, until something goes wrong. DAPYTAP restores and enhances the body's ability to fight disease naturally. Thus, expect to see safer, more effective and significantly less expensive biological drugs from Ablatotech and our partners. Our mission is to make these biological drugs available, affordably, to persons everywhere. Our current focus is autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases. We do not develop drugs that kill cancer cells, instead we develop biological drugs that instruct the body to kill cancer naturally and prevent it from recurring. So, our cancer drugs, by design, work as both treatment and back end vaccines to prevent cancers from recurring. Generally, we do not develop drugs that fight any disease, instead we develop smart biological drugs that instruct the body to fight disease and heal naturally. By smart design, our drugs are faster to develop and manufacture and are a fraction of the costs of the conventional drugs from our giant competitors. We are therefore able to provide the world with affordable smart biological drugs, for just about any disease, for a fraction of the cost of the old fashion drugs from our competitors. In addition to developing smart biological drugs, we are also developing combinatorial super drugs that are effective for multiple diseases, by design, e.g. for malaria and typhoid, rendering some diagnostic tests redundant. Another application of our combinatorial approach is targeting related cancers with a single combinatorial super drug. We are also using DAPYTAP to prevent diseases - so, no more jabbing with vaccinces to stay healthy. Additionally, we are looking into using DAPYTAP to keep animals healthy - from keeping pets at their best, to ensuring food safety by keeping diseases such as bird flu at bay. Contact us to learn more about our ideas for revolutionizing global healthcare and food safety.


Smart biological drugs are a thing of the future, and the future is here

Who are we
Our Story

Ablatotech was born from our belief that the human body has the innate potential to heal itself of all diseases, if it is properly stimulated to do so, and that the best therapeutics to stimulate healing occur in nature. The company was founded by Dr. George M. Ekema, a biomedical scientist with specialties and decades of experience in molecular neuroscience, drug discovery, and naturopathic medicine. Initially, we developed a medicinal anthropology platform and used it to discover and develop therapeutics for several diseases. 

Our Vision

Imagine engineering a single strain of good bacteria to do the work of a million surgeons - a million times better.   Wouldn't that change medicine and healthcare as we know it? It's our vision. We are engineering good bacteria and other microbes to stimulate the body to heal itself. We are targeting a broad range of diseases in areas such as neuroscience, oncology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, etc. We are also using our platform technology to halt and reverse the appearance and effects of aging.

Our Technology

Our core platform technology uses natural means to stimulate the body to heal itself. For example, we engineer friendly bacteria, and other beneficial microbes, to stimulate the body to heal itself from some of the most challenging diseases - from solid tumor cancers to infectious diseases and a large number of chronic diseases. Additionally, any disease that can be treated with monoclonal antibodies can be treated better with our platform technology.  We are even working to halt and reverse aging.  


Much better than vaccines - A smarter, safer, and more effective way of preventing diseases

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Grandma's Healing Touch

The problem

Vaccines have served humanity for decades and have saved countless lives. They have also presented a myriad of adverse effects and are increasingly falling out of favor. The main limitation of vaccination is that it is an unnatural process. The idea of injecting a foreign antigen deep into muscle is unnatural and counterintuitive, considering that invading pathogens typically infect humans through the mucosal membranes.

Better immunization

We are training good bacteria to mimic pathogens such as viruses and harmful bacteria. These good bacteria, like probiotics, are harmless and actually beneficial. When ingested they trigger the immune system to build immunity against the viruses and harmful bacteria that they are trained to mimic. It's better immunity with just a pill - no needles and no nasty adverse effects. Think we are ready for the next pandemic? You bet!

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