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Dr. George M. Ekema

Hello and thanks for visiting us. I am Dr. George M. Ekema, cofounder and CEO of Ablatotech. I was born in Cameroon and I moved to the US, in my teens, to study the biomedical sciences. I obtained BS degrees in biology and chemistry and a PhD in biomedical sciences, with a specialty in neuroscience. I also obtained a JD with specialty in intellectual property law. 

I am a drug discovery scientist / therapeutics scientist with about two decades of experience. I started my career with the discovery and validation of therapeutic targets and expanded into small molecule drug discovery and development. Like most young drug discovery scientists I have the audacious goal of curing cancer, which is why I moved on quickly, from small molecules, when I realized that cancer will not be cured by a small molecule drug.


    My Story

    Time, wisdom, experiences in mortal health battles and humbling victories gave me a clear understanding of the remarkable ability of the human body to heal itself.  My approach to fighting disease changed radically. I would no longer invent 'weapons' to fight disease, rather I would invent therapeutics (tools) that stimulate or guide the body to fight disease and heal itself.

    There is no drug that can do a better job, of fighting disease, than the body itself. The human body is like a fine prized fighter that will take care of itself just fine if we provide the boxing gloves.

    I am now leading a group that is making boxing gloves designed to punch cancers, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and just about any disease that can be treated, in theory, with monoclonal antibodies. Additionally, we are stimulating the body to pause and even reverse its own aging.

    Join us, at Ablatotech, as we deliver the future of medicine today. Our platform have room for everyone.



    George M. Ekema, PhD, JD

    CEO and Cofounder

    Ablatotech Biotechnology Company

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    Contact me to learn more. I am always looking for partners who share our vision.

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