Our Story

We invent and develop advanced therapeutics that mimic and enhance the body's natural healing

Ablatotech was born from our belief that the human body has the innate potential to heal itself of all diseases, if it is properly stimulated to do so, and that the best therapeutics to stimulate healing occur in nature. The company was founded by Dr. George M. Ekema, a biomedical scientist with specialties and decades of experience in molecular neuroscience, drug discovery, and naturopathic medicine. Initially, we developed a medicinal anthropology platform and used it to discover and develop therapeutics for several diseases. We actually were able to effectively treat complex diseases such as aneurysms, psoriasis and blood clots, quite effectively and without significant adverse effects. Even with the promising start, we had a tougher time expanding our medicinal anthropology platform to discover effective therapeutics for cancers and other complex diseases. We decided to develop a separate platform for the discovery and development of effective and safe cancer therapeutics.

Seeking to treat cancers with high efficacy and no significant adverse effects, we developed a platform technology that capitalizes on the little differences in electrical activity between normal cells and cancer cells - particularly the resting membrane potentials. We named our platform technology 'Tissue Ablation by Rapid and Sustained Alteration in Membrane Potential' (TARSAMP). With the technology, we can kill cancer cells by altering the difference in membrane potential between the cancer cells and their environment . Even with the promise of TARSAMP we knew we had to keep discovering and developing better, radical, platforms that would be applicable to a broad range of diseases - broad enough to lead to endless possibilities.

Endless possibilities came, indeed, with the discovery and development of our microbial engineering platform, a platform technology that allows us to modify commensal microbes (the microbiotome +), such as good gut bacteria, to prevent and/or treat just about any disease. The icing on the cake is that our microbial engineering platform technology (BACTRAIN) promises high efficacies with no significant adverse effects in treating a broad array of diseases - a gamut that includes infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases and cancers.

High efficicacy and no significant adverse effects are essentially the core of our operating motto. We are all about treating diseases more effectively than anyone else, with a strong emphasis on curing and erradicating diseases, We are equally passionate that no one gets harmed by any of our treatments. That is why we will never advance a therapeutic without making absolutely sure that it has no significant adverse effects. We state this as an assurance to our consumers and to our investors - that we will never compromise our ideals for expediency and/or financial gain. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the norm, in our industry, and we are therefore compelled to a higher standard of innovation. Now we are on the verge of developing a broad range of therapeutics, for the most important human diseases, with high efficacy and no significant adverse effects.

We have converted and enhanced the potential of the microbiome into a powerful and robust healing platform that also has the potential to prevent diseases much better than vaccinations. We are delivering the future of medicine and the possibilities are indeed endless.

Embryonic Stem Cells

It is easy to underestimate a small virtually integrated biotech/biopharm company located in a small town in the middle of America. When that company is Ablatotech, however, underestimating it is a big mistake. Innovation at Ablatotech is second to none. Our therapeutic programs hold the promise of revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of diseases. We are developing smarter ways to prevent disease without vaccination. We are reversing aging. Where others are looking for treatments we are developing cures. And we are doing all of these the natural way. We are inventing and developing therapeutics that stimulate the body to heal itself naturally and more efficiently. We are inventing and developing therapeutics that stimulate the body to halt and even reverse aging. We are inventing and developing therapeutics that stimulate the body to protect itself from infections and cancers - without the use of vaccines.

It is our top priority to cure cancers by stimulating the body to identify and kill cancer cells more efficiently. We are rapidly closing in on that. And we intend to cure cancer in a manner that is free of adverse effects. We shall never advance any therapeutics that show significant adverse effects. Indeed, our therapeutics are designed to work as naturally with the body, as nature intended, to ensure safety while delivering superior efficacy. Ablatotech is delivering the future of medicine, in a radical but delightful shift from the status quo, with an eye on a quantum leap in global healthcare.

George M. Ekema, PhD, JD

CEO and Cofounder

Ablatotech Biotechnology Company